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Service Matters:  Power Quality UPS Services and support

Service Contracts:

usually combine parts and labor coverage, one or more UPS preventive maintenance inspections annually, and a combination of coverage hours and arrival response time. Plans can be tailored to meet almost any need

Replacing your capacitors

A typical UPS contains more than a dozen different types and sizes of capacitors.
Each capacitor has its own purpose and supports different parts of the UPS.
Just like batteries, capacitors degrade over time and it is crucial to keep them
updated and functioning.

Should be replaced 6-7 years depending on the UPS model.

Battery Replacement

The single most critical element of UPS performance is battery quality. All it takes is one bad battery to ruin an entire string and bring your systems down during a power outage or other interruption. Battery failure is the number one cause of UPS load loss and system downtime. Battery performance varies greatly from one manufacturer to another. Making the wrong decision on batteries can have a serious impact on UPS uptime reliability, causing potentially devastating consequences from power interruptions. That’s why PPC offers a line of qualified premium batteries for use with Eaton UPS models. PPC or Oregon ontinuously searches the globe to ensure the highest-quality batteries are available and qualified for use. As new batteries are introduced, we apply a proven qualification process, testing them with our products to verify that they meet or exceed manufacturer specifications and supply maximum runtime. ..

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