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Service Contracts:

usually combine parts and labor coverage, one or more UPS preventive maintenance inspections annually, and a combination of coverage hours and arrival response time. Plans can be tailored to meet almost any need

Replacing your capacitors

A typical UPS contains more than a dozen different types and sizes of capacitors.
Each capacitor has its own purpose and supports different parts of the UPS.
Just like batteries, capacitors degrade over time and it is crucial to keep them
updated and functioning.

Should be replaced 6-7 years depending on the UPS model.

Battery Replacement

The single most critical element of UPS performance is battery quality. All it takes is one bad battery to ruin an entire string and bring your systems down during a power outage or other interruption. Battery failure is the number one cause of UPS load loss and system downtime. Battery performance varies greatly from one manufacturer to another. Making the wrong decision on batteries can have a serious impact on UPS uptime reliability, causing potentially devastating consequences from power interruptions. That’s why PPC offers a line of qualified premium batteries for use with Eaton UPS models. Eaton continuously scans the globe to ensure the highest-quality batteries are available and qualified for use. As new batteries are introduced, we apply a proven qualification process, testing them with our products to verify that they meet or exceed manufacturer specifications and supply maximum runtime. ..

Why Choose Eaton?

According to customer surveys, here’s
why customers choose Eaton Service:
• Relationship with field technicians and their expert product knowledge
• Quick response by tapping into more than 240 field technicians
• Locally available field parts inventory
• Increased reliability by having an experienced technician with factory training and technical support
resources who focus exclusively on Eaton products
• Reputation of being an outstanding service provider who delivers
on promises
• Commitment to customers and
their products
• Ability to manage risk of downtime and avoid financial costs of power disruption
• Ability to have a single source for battery replacements, upgrades, lifecycle and other service needs
• Price for value

Time and Material

Time and material (T&M) service is a pay-as-you-go approach where once something breaks, you contact Eaton and we schedule a technician to conduct the repair. T&M can be done via depot repair or onsite, based on the product, and can be expensive depending on what needs to be repaired. The uncertainty of knowing when a field technician will arrive can make T&M an unacceptable service solution for some organizations. Eaton’s contract customers always take priority, resulting in T&M response times of up to five days based on the product and location for non-contract customers.

PredictPulse: Remote monitoring

PredictPulse is a monitoring and management service that collects and analyzes data from connected power infrastructure devices, providing Eaton with the insight needed to make recommendations and take action on your behalf. It’s powered by CA Technologies, bringing together the best in hardware and software.
Once activated, managed devices send parametric data to Eaton's monitoring center every 15 minutes. We compare current and historical performance data against specified parameters to determine if anything is out of the ordinary. At the same time, the data appears on your PredictPulse dashboard and alarms in the mobile app. If something is amiss, we'll notify you of the alarm and how we recommend addressing it.
For you, this all means peace of mind, less time managing IT equipment, reduced risk, access to real-time status information and expedited repairs. You'll also receive a monthly report summarizing the past 30 days of status, performance and alarms.